辛华琛 | Huachen Xin

 Co-founder, Creative Director

 冯若津 | Leo Feng

 Co-founder, CTO

赵琳琪 | Alice Zhao


2018 年,Side家具品牌由毕业于英国皇家艺术学院(RCA)的辛华琛和从事家具行业十余年的冯若津创立于上海。我们致力于探索家具形态,材料,工艺及生产方式的多样性。同时,设计与生产符合当代审美与价值观的家具。 

“Side”这个名字来源于我们创立品牌的初衷即Surprise, Innovation, Detail, 和Elegant. 希望我们的产品能给人惊喜,富有创新,关注细节,同时别致优雅。希望经得起时间考验的家具可以always by your “Side”.

"Side" furniture founded in Shanghai, 2018. With the passion and curiosity of life and furniture, "Side" attempt to explore the diversity of form, material, and craft of the furniture. Also, we design and produce the furniture with the modern value and aesthetics. 

The name of "Side" came from the initial of four words -- Surprise, Innovation, Detail and Elegant. We hope our products could always be surprising, innovative, detail-focused and elegant. 

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